Vehicle-Mounted Aerial Platforms is the proper name for this type of vehicle. There are many types of Bucket Truck, from straight boom to the articulating boom. These vehicles are used to reach high areas to commence a wide array of tasks.

Training Program Content

Bucket truck operators shall receive initial training in the following topics, except in topics which the employer can demonstrate are not applicable to safe operation of the truck in the employer's workplace.ANSI / SIA 92.2-2009 standard for Boom-Supported Elevating Work Platform. [29 CFR 1926.453] [29 CFR 1910.67]

Truck-related Course Topics:

  • Operating instructions, warnings, and precautions for the types of truck the operator will be authorized to operate.
  • Standards and Regulations
  • Truck controls and instrumentation: where they are located, what they do, and how they work.
  • Electrical and Weather hazards, Fall Protection
  • Vehicle capacity / Vehicle stability.
  • Operation of Hydraulic systems and components
  • Any vehicle inspection and maintenance that the operator will be required to perform, Operator Manuals & Manufacture Manual must be read and understand before operating the machine.
  • Operating limitations, Safe Practices, and having a Qualified person evaluate the trained worker to determine competency.

The certification must include:

Operator name, Employer name, Evaluation date, Training date, Name of Company &person(s) performing the training or evaluation.

Refresher training and evaluation: [29 CFR 1926.453] [29 CFR 1910.67]

Refresher training, including an evaluation of the effectiveness of that training, shall be conducted to ensure that the operator has the knowledge and skills needed to operate the Bucket Truck. Refresher training in relevant topics shall be provided to the operator when:

  • The operator has been observed to operate the vehicle in an unsafe manner.
  • The operator has been involved in an accident or near-miss incident.
  • The operator has received an evaluation that reveals that the operator is not operating the truck safely.
  • The operator is assigned to drive a different type of truck.

A condition in the workplace changes in a manner that could affect safe operation of the truck, or the type of Bucket truck changes to a different model or Manufacture.

Each operator's performance must be evaluated at least once every three years.

Target Audience: This program is for any person who operates a Bucket truck. Students must be 18yrs of age, and will receive a certification card following completion.

Instructor to Student Ratio: 1:10

Length: 4-6 Hours

Pre Requisites: Employer written approval