OSHA identifies 25 different types of scaffolds.

They are found under 1926.452

More than half of scaffold accidents in Ontario construction are falls. Several fatalities are also related to

scaffolds each year. The number and severity of injuries involved make scaffold accidents one of the more serious

safety problems in construction.

All employees who work on a scaffold must be trained by a person qualified to recognize the hazards associated with the type of scaffold used and to understand the procedures to control and minimize those hazards. 1926.454(a)

Contents of the training

1. Introduction to different types of scaffold systems.

2. Problem areas

3. Selection of scaffold

4. Basic types of scaffolds

5. Scaffold components

6. Erecting and dismantling scaffolds

7. Scaffold stability

8. Platforms

9. Proper use of scaffolds & How to install an SRL for fall protection. SRL can hang from tie off point on top of scaffold, if working above 10 ft.


The main problem areas are:

• Erecting and dismantling scaffolds

• Climbing up and down scaffolds

• Planks sliding off or breaking

• Improper loading or overloading

• Platforms not fully planked or “decked”

• Platforms without guardrails

• Failure to install all required components such as base

plates, connections, and braces

• Moving rolling scaffolds in the vicinity of overhead

electrical wires

• moving rolling scaffolds with workers on the platform.

A competent person must train all employees who erect, disassemble, move, operate, repair, maintain, or inspect scaffolds. Training must cover the nature of the hazards, the correct procedures for erecting, disassembling, moving, operating, repairing, inspecting, and maintaining the type of scaffold in use. 1926.454(b)

  • Tube and coupler scaffolds over 125 feet in height shall be designed by a registered professional engineer, and shall be constructed and loaded in accordance with such design.

Length: 4 - 7.5 hours. Depends on type of scaffold and if we need to do fall prevention as well.

Instructor Ratio: 1 : 20

Eduardo Cantu – CSHO

OSHA Authorized Bilingual Instructor.